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Training Report
Goals Progress:
Pushing past initial resistance, trainee is tentatively opening up to submission
Basic Protocol is new to her but very becoming
Trainee is beginning to show respect for the program
Sensory depravation is difficult – proceed with caution
Pain management is dependent on her ability to submit
Trainee appears to be a different person. Place her into the same suspension bondage that failed previously to test her ability to submit to the rope. If she succeeds reward her with an intense post bondage orgasm. Continue with basic position and deportment training while under the cane, testing her pain management and discipline.
Ramp things up by putting her into full encasement bondage that separates her from the outside world, and apply the whip to her tits, ass and pussy.
Encase her hot body in latex and turn her over to another dominant to whip and fuck her, leaving her fully used and covered in come..

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