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Training Report
Progress Review: Previously, the trainee’s performance with two dominants was stimulating. Her sexual availability is remarkably slutty. Her ability to orgasm from pounding penetration is gratifying.
The process through which she experiences pain is opening up. New techniques and requirements of training are taking her into unfamiliar territory and she is adapting well. She displays a very strong commitment and willingness to learn.
Goals Progress:
Focus and self discipline: still easily distracted and requires more work here.
Presence during corporal scenes: shows improvement,finding more intensity in scenes when present
Slave positions: covered ‘attention’, ‘present ass’ and ‘down’ but vastly overestimates her ability to maintain them.
Basic protocol: has received several canings for breaches of protocol
Recommendations: Further position training in head box, focusing on stress positions and endurance. Add measures of objectification and humiliation by stuffing a hard cock into the glory hole on the head box.
Correct her with a harsh caning for earlier mis-steps in addressing her dominant, see that she gets the point.
Lock her in quarters to meditate on filthy stories to entertain her dominant, which she will deliver while riding a rubber cock to orgasm for his amusement.
Teach her a lesson in boot cleaning, leather history, and cock worship. Cover her face in come and dismiss her to begin on her homework assignment for the evening.
Extra Studies: Clean a half dozen pair of leather boots by tomorrow morning..

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