maledom porn

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Applicant Profile: Age: 24
Sign: Cancer
Height: 5’5″ Fears / Current Limits: Fear of failure Strengths: Deep desire to submit, high pain tolerance. Able orgasm through penetration. Applicant already possesses some BDSM skills. Weaknesses: Fidgets, easily exudes nervousness. Experience: Applicant is easily distracted, lacks self discipline. Mentally vacates during heavy s/m. Current Status: In petition to s/m artist Cyd Black Initial Observations: Applicant displays an eagerness to submit, appears healthy and attentive, maintains eye contact well, and radiates a pleasant, unobtrusive aura. Initial research points to a strong creative urge, but a lack of patience and self discipline may manifest in an inability to see projects through to the end. Recommendations: Assign an overwhelming menial task to build discipline and assess determination to train. Scrub and inspect her like an animal. Create opportunity to earn privileges like clothing, a bed to sleep in. Control mental presence during corporal scenes. Cyd requests basic position training, instill discipline. Suggest thorough sexual testing including cock sucking, facials, fucking her pussy and anal sex evaluation. Keep her locked up overnight and invade her quarters to use her..

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