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Training Report
Goals Progress:
Basic Protocol – trainee shows good progress with speech training. Recommend changing the rules to test her flexibility.
Obedience is tested and continues to improve.
Composure is still an issue but we are making progress
Claustrophobia – trainee is still afraid but continuing to work on this fear.
Aquaphobia – Trainee is slowly getting over her fear of water.
Inspect her. Teach her to place the weight of her pussy and tits into the gloved hand as it probes her naked, presented body, and limit her reactions. Put her in a sack and beat her, then hang her upside down and dunk her head into a tank of freezing water. Whip her while she is under water to teach her the value of composure during a beating.
Based on her previous day, she has a hard time fucking and sucking at the same time. Put her on the cock box and train her to fuck a dildo while sucking a hard cock. Prod her with a whip to do a good job.
Reward her by tying her to a box and using her slave mouth, pussy and asshole in a hard fuck scene that leaves her licking hot come off the filthy floor..

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