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Training Report, Final Day
General Observations
she needs the rules firmly instated:
no cursing
no going out past 11
to do her homework
no masturbating
still slow with gratitude
wants to conquer fear of cattle prod
stay composed
rationalizes her bad behavior
review homework: ‘the importance of detail’
Her comfort means little in relation to her submission
Focus and composure through repeated cattle prod
Orgasm Control
Bring in Princess Donna to test our trainee
Bind her and put her in a stressful squat on the wet pavement
Test her composure by fucking her slut mouth with hard cock and Princess Donna’s wet pussy
Teach her a presentation routine that holds her cunt and mouth in service till released
Hold her in humiliating positions, whip and clip her
Terrorize her with the cattle prod
Bind her and pound her cunt with hard cock while Donna rides her face
Fill her throat with cum
Give her the tools to take the first steps into the actual BDSM community
Quiz her on what she learned here
Do you think she makes the grade?.

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