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Training Report
fear gets in the way, an obstacle to her achievements
slavehood is not easy
she wants the pain, learns to love the bruise
Formative assessments:
halfway point check in
does still think life is supposed to be fair?
have her fantasies of punishment been met?
reinforced lack of status?
where is her ego now?
how is her anal training coming along?
use the single tail liberally to impress pertinent points
invade her quarters for a 7 AM inspection
drill her on her abstinence this week
work her fear of the cattle prod
shock her cunt to teach her composure
tease her cunt and deny her orgasms
assign Berlin to handle the trainee’s task list
make clear the consequence of Berlin’s failure to motivate her charge
assess the trainee’s pussy eating skills
see to it they are both thoroughly fucked and used
she can take more than she thinks she can
Improved focus and deep throating skills
trust conquers fear, discomfort and pain.

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