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We have several new slaves in our House, it’s time to see if they are up to speed on table service. We constantly drill them on all protocol, and tonight is no exception. We have a dinner for the community and the slave’s are tested during dinner in front of everyone.
Grace is back to watch them closely and ensure mistakes aren’t made, but in true form there are flaws in the slaves performance. Grace is quick to point out their flaws, and they are punished accordingly. After some discipline, the slaves are up to par and we can now move on to other things.
Pistol is bound and ganged up on by all of the House to give her one of the most mind blowing orgasms she has ever had. after we are finished with her, we decide that it’s time to welcome Grace back. Grace has been away for a while and to welcome her back we have the slaves are instructed to pleasure her with some strap on fucking and pussy worship..

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